Our Services

Why choose SoFlo Consulting Group?

We help companies reach their full potential and become market leaders by: 

  • Improving internal processes to increase efficiency / productivity, to reduce expenses and wasted resources, to solve and prevent problems

  • Creating synergy between interdepartmental business units, teams, external partners, management teams, and customers

  • Uniting employees and teams under collective company mission and values
  • Empowering employees and reducing turnover rates

  • Transforming management practices that stunt the company's growth

  • Building strong, lasting relationships with target audiences for superior customer satisfaction

  • Exponentially growing profit margins

  • Increasing market share

  • Generating higher stakeholder value

Strategic Planning

We understand that strategic planning is at the core of any business.  We help you to identify issues in your business strategy and plan customized solutions. We can help you and your executive team develop strategies for client messaging and launches for the future success of  your business.  We implement a team-based approach to strategic planning to optimize your chances for successful plan implementation. We will guide you through the execution of your strategic plan from beginning to end. 

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Operations & Process Improvement

We optimize your internal business and financial structures via innovative process improvement techniques to surpass your objectives. We are experts at streamlining operations, building tracking systems, and improving process flows resulting in increased officiency / productivity levels, customer satisfaction scores, and profit margins. We will choose the appropriate technology for your needs and set up your system efficiently to improve your processes to help your business run smoothly, accurately and sustainably. 

Marketing & Business Development

We make your brand stand out from the competition. Our cutting-edge digital marketing and sales strategies consistently drive revenue, market share and brand awareness for business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies in saturated markets domestically and internationally. We conduct detailed market research and consumer surveys to develop and implement the perfect market strategy for your business.

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Project Management

Whether you are launching a new product or optimizing existing products and services, we will review your current processes and capabilities, make recommendations and support the implementation of cutting edge tools and procedures to ensure your success. We will also provide support for transformation and change management to ensure smooth transitions. We will develop customized strategies for your business and train your employees on how to handle your project. 

Accounting & Finance

Every company needs an accurate accounting process to ensure financial success and accountability.  Our financial management experts will create a customized accounting system for your business that is both professional and cost-effective. We will assist with taxes and payroll systems and determine areas where your business may hold back monetarily. We leverage technology to ensure maximum efficiency. 

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Executive Leadership Coaching

We partner with world-renown executive coaches to bring the most comprehensive leadership training to your teams.  We help business leaders develop their executive presence, influence and leadership in today’s multidimensional economy. Our coaches teach your business executives how to build cohesive teams by leveraging employees' core strengths and personalities, which ultimately results in higher productivity, efficiency, employee satisfaction and retention.   

Domestic & International Expansion

Our domestic and global expansion specialists will custom design your international growth strategy to identify your target market and and build a path to enter your chosen market. We will help you create a strategy to establish market presence via highly effective new account capture and retention techniques. With our expert guidance, your business will execute strategic sourcing initiatives including supply market analysis, strategy development, RFP management, and supplier negotiations. We lead high-visibility market launches and help your business with necessary accreditations, certifications, and CRM system implementation in international markets.